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To Travel Is To Live: Our First Blog Post

Seeing as this is my first blog post that I find myself writing, on an incredibly cloudy day in South Africa, I thought I would start off with giving a little more information about myself and my boyfriend Darren.

I have just completed my Honours in Strategic Brand Communication and find myself working at my first job in a fast-paced, innovative PR agency in Johannesburg. While Darren is a bustling entrepreneur who never seems to run out of ideas to make his (4×4/ outdoor) business thrive.

I have an English undergrad and therefore my passion for writing has always been deep within my soul (although academic writing has been the main focus over the past 4 years) therefore when Darren posed the idea of a blog – I thought why on earth not? Travel writing has been a passion of mine for quite some time and what better way to hone in on my skills than through a blog? We see such wonderful places and share such great experiences that we just can’t keep it to ourselves anymore.

Over the course of our lives we have been incredibly lucky to have the travel experiences that we have had. Although Darren has seen a lot more amazing places and is usually showing me places for the first time (while it is his second or third) – we are extremely privileged to have the life we have and consequently to be able to travel to wonderful places around the world.

To travel really is to live, in this lifetime I want to see as much as I can see and do as much as I can do – no fear and no regrets. Just living life every single second to the absolute fullest.

Now, that is way more easier said than done. Prime example being me, right now typing this at my work desk. Not really practicing what I preach now am I? But the only way to make up for my mundane (although to be honest, working in PR isn’t all that mundane most of the time) day to day work life is by dreaming of the places that I wish to visit with my other half. So if working gives me that opportunity, I will work as hard as I must until I get to jump in the car or hop onto a plane for my next travel adventure.

Now onto the places that we have visited and more on the places that we wish to visit. Of course the big and well-known monuments, from the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the Vatican in Rome, are definitely places that one should see and experience for themselves, for us we want to find those hidden gems. The places that not many other people know about and the only way to do that is to get off the beaten (tourist) track and explore the areas surrounding you. We have found some pretty amazing places just in our back garden of Johannesburg – it is possible!

I am the absolute biggest control freak, I plan everything down to a tee whereas Darren is the complete opposite and it is thanks to his more laid back attitude that we have found the secret places that we have. And even though I still plan everything from my wardrobe to the, now more “proposed”, travel itinerary – I now enjoy the spontaneity and the act of just exploring our surroundings, without an hourly to do list.

We invite you to tag along with us on our travel journey, visiting beautiful and the more unknown gems that the world has to offer us.

If you have any advice, want to ask any questions orΒ just want to say hi – go to the comments section and leave a comment!




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