Book Review: The Other Me, Saskia Sarginson

A novel that will glue you to your seat – I mentioned this in my blog post about the Northern Drakensberg, you can find it here, and how this was my book of choice for that weekend away.

Gripping. Suspenseful. Romantic. These are but some words that describe Saskia Sarginson’s engaging novel, The Other Me. In her third novel we follow the life of Klaudia Myer and in turn get entangled within her double life and the web of lies that follow her. Nice opening.

The novel’s chilling start lets the reader’s assumptions run wild and just as you think you have a read on what is going on, you are thrown a curve ball and consequently have no idea what is going to happen next in Klaudia’s tumultuous life.

The tale of Ernst Myer, the other major character in the novel, tells a tale of sorrow, indignation and of a forbidden love that was unjustly lost. His story seemingly has nothing to do with Klaudia’s and as you read the novel the same nagging questions press at the fore-front of your mind. What does Ernst’s life have to do with Klaudia’s? And the answers that are revealed towards the end of the novel will shock you.

The novel not only tells the tale of two very different characters but also transports you to a life not many people understand. A life not many people are still living to tell the tale about – the life of a person living in WWII. Not only does it portray the lives of the suffering that has been noted in the history books but of the lives that were affected on the other side, the German side.

An interesting and thought-provoking read that is extremely satisfying, compelling and even humorous at times. The Other Me is definitely a book to get your hands on, settle down on your favourite couch and be prepared to be engulfed in the life of Klaudia Myer for a few hours.

Have you read The Other Me or any of Saskia Sarginson’s other novels? Let us know in the comments below.



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