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Top 5 Tips For Packing

We have all been there – praying that your bag will close while trying to push all of your weight onto it trying to zip it up. It is not a pretty sight, especially when the zip breaks an hour before you are supposed to leave for your flight. Yes that was me three years ago and I never want to be put that trauma again!

That is why I have put this list together to provide you with some top tips so that none of you will ever have to go through the harrowing experience that I did.

Obviously this is for all the lovely ladies out there and not really the men because somehow men have got packing their bags down to a fine art, maybe it’s because they don’t have as much stuff as we do or maybe it’s because all they need are 10 pairs of T-Shirts and 5 pairs of shorts and they’re sorted – living the easy life.

So here they are and happy packing!

  1. Roll DON’T fold

I know you have probably heard this time and time again but believe me when I tell you that it saves you SO much space and fewer headaches when you finally realise you just cannot fit anymore in – no matter how many people you get to sit on your suitcase for you! Folding is the way to go and it also creases your clothes less – bonus!


  1. Create a packing list

If you are like me and run by a tight schedule almost daily then a packing list is going to save you a heck of a lot of time! Thanks to utilising a packing list I have nailed packing my suitcase down to a tee and can rest assured that everything is inside, including the kitchen sink. I merely take 10 minutes to write down everything I need and then run it by someone who is around me, just to double-check. Running it by someone else really helps to get everything you need to pack down on paper and ultimately inside your bag.


  1. Plan your daily outfits

For when I go away for longer than a week, I like to plan my outfits for each day that I will be away. I did this especially for my Greece trip to Rhodes (where Ryanair only gives you your carry on as free luggage – a student’s gotta do what a student’s gotta do) where I managed to pack 2 and half weeks of clothing into one bag. Although it is easy when you are living in a bikini most of the time – but still packing shoes, toiletries and cosmetics into a carry on is a small feat on its own.


  1. Have your toiletry bag handy

I have a really handy toiletry bag that I got from Cotton On. It is brilliant not just because it can be unfolded and hung ANYWHERE but it has a clear plastic section that can be removed from it entirely. This helps not only with dreaded customs at the airport (most of the time they are cool with just that bag but if they are extremely picky, the joy of dealing with custom officials, then it makes it easy for you to plonk all of your liquids into their bag) but also helps with long distance trips. For anyone who has ever travelled more than 10 hours in a car knows that your leg room is sacred, especially when you have Giraffe legs like me. This handy bag can be stored under the seat making it easily accessible to refresh at the next pit stop.

Get some personal toiletry packing tips at the Chic Site
  1. Buy a travel bag that suits your needs

For me, I prefer the hardshell luggage bag mainly due to the fact that I have, one too many times, received my luggage off the carousel and it has been wet thanks to there being rain between my connecting flights – no thank you! There are some other perks to having a hard shell luggage bag and they are highlighted by Her Packing List Blog and they include: the bag is sturdier and less prone to breaking, they have a definitive size and that they are lighter than most other suitcases out there. But like with most things there are pros and cons to using either hard or soft shell suitcases and they are nicely highlighted here. It is also a good idea to invest in a good quality carry on/ handbag that you can put everything you need into it and know where everything is for easy access.


Have your own packing tips? Let us know in the comments section.

Happy travels!



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