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Discover Myanmar: And the remarkable Moken people

If you have seen our Ultimate Bucket List then you will have noticed that Myanmar is quite proudly on our list of places that we would love to visit.

While doing some investigating we thought we would share the wonderful and unique facts of this beautiful part of the world to anyone who has Myanmar on their bucket lists too.

KX Studio
Bagan Temples – From Flickr: KX Studio

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, found in Asia is known for its beautiful beaches and assortment of quirky tea houses. But one thing that it’s certainly not known for is the unique ethnic group found on the many different islands around Myanmar – the Moken people.

Sunset seen from Koh Surin National Park – Andaman Discoveries

As we investigated further we found out that there are many things to do and see on one of the many Moken islands (more than 800 scattered over 400 kilometres of the Andaman Sea). And the fact that the Moken people survived the 2004 tsunami that ravaged the coastline makes them all the more interesting. Not only did the Moken people survive the disaster but they used that trying time to change their lifestyles and are now thriving because of it.

Traditional Thai food – Andaman Discoveries

With the mystical tales surrounding the Moken people and why they live their mostly aquatic lives that they do, spending 8 – 9 months on their low-slung Kabangs, it is no wonder why people from all over the world want to know their remarkable and special story.

Moken Man on his traditional fishing boat (Kabangs) – Andaman Discoveries

The breath-taking Koh Surin National Park, off the coast of Kurumburi is where you can start your journey into another world entirely. Andaman Discoveries tour group are the people to go to for an intimate and personal look into the incomparable lives of the Moken people.

Kent Wang
Koh Surin National Park – From Flickr: Kent Wang

They offer a 4 day tour within the Koh Surin National Park and a special opportunity to live like the Moken people; learning all about their culture, camping under a blanket of stars and eating their traditional Thai food.

Ngapali Beach
Sunset over Ngapali Beach – From Flickr: Stefan Fussan

The real highlight and treasure of this whole tour is the chance to see the intricate relationship the Moken people have with the environment around them; the animals,the plants and vegetation, and ultimately how they endure it but mostly how they revere it.

Traditional boats used to take travellers, using Andaman Discoveries,  snorkelling along the coral reefs

From spear fishing to ancient islands, snorkelling to spotting sea turtles and sharks – it is safe to say that travelling to this distant and diverse place would be a once in a lifetime experience.

Kent Wang (2)
The beautiful clear blue makes it perfect for snorkelling – From Flickr: Kent Wang

I don’t know about you but we sure are excited to one day take a trip to Myanmar and explore the magical country and all the history and culture that comes with it!

If you want some more remote island inspiration head on over to our blog post on the 15 Best Lesser-known Island Getaways, islands that you might not have even heard about.

Happy travels!



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