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The Best Beach Reads For 2017

What sounds better than relaxing on a beach, getting some much need Vitamin D and reading a really good book? Well add a delicious Mojito to the mix and there you have the perfect way to spend your Summer vacation.

Try these beautiful destinations for your next Summer holiday.

For me, living the busy life that I lead, I only ever really get to enjoy a good book when I have a chance to get away and to find that perfect book to read can be a hassle in its own right.

That is why I have put together this book list for our next beach vacation and to give all of you some book inspiration for your upcoming holiday by the beach.

The Nest – Cynthia D’aprix Sweeney

the nest

The Nest can be summed up as being the perfect story of a dysfunctional family that follows four adult siblings and how they deal with an inheritance that is bestowed upon all four of them. The book plays out like a comedic movie scene making it every bit as entertaining and impossibly scintillating to boot.

Not That Kind Of Girl – Lena Dunham

not that

For everyone who knows Lena Dunham and her quick wit and humorous prose, she is owed no introduction. In her book Dunham puts forward a number of, at most times humorous, essays illuminating the experiences that come with trying to make a name for yourself in the big bad world. From falling in and out of love, feeling otherwise alone in a room full of people to finally having the guts to actually believe in yourself and believe that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Sweet Bitter – Stephanie Danler

sweet bitter

A seriously good read that you will undoubtedly not be able to put down. Sweetbitter tells the story of a young woman coming from a small town that wants to ultimately make a name for herself in the restaurant world. It follows her day-to-day life and the trials and tribulations of working in a high-class restaurant and of all the weird and wonderful people she meets along the way. Never knowing what will happen next, this book will stay glued to your hands as you race through the pages in one sitting.

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

big magic

This is a great self-help book but the main reason why it is a brilliant read is that it doesn’t read like a self-help book but more like an empathetic big sister giving you advice. Gilbert gives us insight into her own generative process by showing us how to embrace our curiosity, quell that scary feeling we get in our stomachs and ultimately learn to fall in love with ourselves. She puts forward the attitudes, habits and approaches that we need to incorporate into our lives in order for us to live our most creative lives.

Truly Madly Guilty – Liane Moriarty


Liane Moriarty, with 3 bestselling novels behind her most recent novel, has the gift of telling a great story and at the same time keeping us on the edge of our seats. With her new release “Truly, Madly, Guilty” she has kept up her nail-biting anecdotes with a story centred around a neighbourhood barbecue that seemingly goes awry and how that affects every attendee.

Into The Water – Paula Hawkins


The death of a single mother, found at the bottom of a river that runs through a sleepy (on the surface) town, dredges up secrets and past histories that were long left to be forgotten. From the writer who stunned readers all around the world with her book “The Girl on The Train” you can only expect a twisting, intense, deeply satisfying page-turner with her new release – “Into The Water”.

The Chemist – Stephenie Meyer


An ex-agent, on the run from her employers, must take one last case in order to clear her name and ultimately save the life she once had. She was an expert in her field and formed part of a secret government organisation, so secret that when her employers decided that the organisation had become a liability so did she. Later when she finds herself never staying in the same place for long and changing her name on a regular basis, she is contacted by her former handler and decides to take one more job for the people who wanted her dead – all to clear her name. In this expertly plotted novel, Meyer shows once again why she is a bestselling author.

The Light Of Paris – Eleanor Brown


From the outside Madeleine looks like he has it all – the doting husband, supportive family but on the inside Madeleine doesn’t think she has anything that even really matters. She finds herself trapped in an unhappy marriage and by her family’s expectations that are seemingly impossibly high. But that is until she finds her grandmother Margie’s diary, a woman who she looks up to, a woman that she should have been – perfect in every which way. While reading the diary that details her grandmother’s romantic escapade to Paris, she meets a grandmother that she never knew. A spellbinding read that interconnects the two women’s lives and solidifies that not everything that you see from the outside is ever really what is on the inside.

Eligible – Curtis Sittenfeld


This is one of the books that I am most excited to read this year! If you loved Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet’s love story then this modern retelling of the Pride and Prejudice classic is just the read for you. Set mainly in Cincinnati, the two older Bennet sisters – Liz and Jane find themselves moving back to their childhood home when their father has a health scare only to find that the once grand building is falling apart. This gives their mother, Mrs Bennet, the perfect opportunity to marry off her daughters to the best male suitors that she can find. A Fourth of July barbecue is really where the sparks fly and Liz meets Fitzwilliam Darcy, a neurosurgeon with a bad bedside manner and not a charming bone in his body. But as we all know, first impressions can often be misleading.

Happy reading!




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