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Flashback Friday: Vicenza, Italy

Darren and I have been so incredibly lucky to have taken the journeys that we have together and there is still so much more to come!

It is always good to look towards your future but having a look on your past from time to time let’s you appreciate just how far you have come.

So from now on every Friday will be known as Flashback Friday where I will post one picture of a getaway that really has a special place in our hearts ❤

We encourage you to take a step back in time and post your own Flashback Friday and to reflect on and remember all the wonderful moments that you have had whether it be alone or with someone you love.

For our first Flashback Friday it has to be none other than our first Europe trip that we took together. Travelling to Italy probably was one of the most life changing trips for us – Italy grabs a part of your heart and never let’s go.

Vicenza, Italy

As you can see in the above photograph, I am extremely excited and I will tell you exactly why – this was the first time I had ever seen snow falling!

Just to reiterate how excited I was

I traveled to Europe in Winter with just one intention on my mind, to see snow and it happened in one of our favourite places – Vicenza (See the blog post here > Italy’s Best Kept Secret: Vicenza). Not only did I see snow in the beautiful little town of Dueville but it was just as we were about the leave on our next destination – a perfect goodbye gift from Italy.

This is one day that I will remember forever!

Have any memories you want to share with us? Tell us about them in the comments or tag us in any of your Flashback Friday blog posts 🙂




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