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Best Restaurants in Plettenberg Bay

Plettenberg Bay – An Eclectic Mix of Sugar and Sea Salt

Darren and I have family down in the gorgeous town of Plettenberg Bay so we often find ourselves down there exploring what the beautiful area has to offer us.

Plettenberg Bay, found along the Western Cape Coastline, has boomed over the years and with the influx of visitors, there have been many restaurants and eateries sprouting up every which way you look. This has made it extremely hard for discerning tourists to choose where and what they would like to eat. Plus avoid the nasty tourist traps!

That is why we have put together a list of our favourite spots that we find ourselves frequenting (way too often) when we are down in Plett and just what makes them so incredibly special.

The Best View

Seafood at the Plettenberg

If a beautiful view is what you are looking for to accompany your equally beautiful looking meal then look no further than Seafood at the Plettenberg. Azure blue vistas await you along with delicious meals and a not too shabby wine list.


The Most Convenient

Ghillies Grill

Conveniently situated in the heart of bustling downtown Plett isGhillies. Close, convenient, stunningly delicious food with some chilled cocktails that have a kick. Ghillies is the place to be!


The Best Pizza


If you need to get your pizza fix or any Italian dish fix, then Cornuti has you covered. The place is well-situated in the centre of town and has a wonderful vibe with low, romantic lighting to boot. If a night in and your own bottle of wine is just what you are looking then you can order a take away too.


The Best Vibe

Lookout Deck

Lookout has to be our staple stomping ground, if not for the crispy calamari and fresh oysters but for the lucky to chance to watch dolphins playing around in the surf. Situated overlooking the main beach in Plett, the view can only be described as delightful and the vibe on Friday night is just right!


The Best Seafood

The Fat Fish

Great service, super (strong) cocktails and the best prawn tempura in the whole wide world – okay that might be an exaggeration but they were to die for – That is what you can expect at The Fat Fish! You can also expect a lovely view overlooking the lagoon and the iconic Beacon Isle Hotel. If a good fish dish is what your heart is after then this is a match made in heaven.


The Best Wine

Kay and Monty Vineyard

Alright if you have been following Darren and I you will know that we have a penchant for drinking good wine – whether it be a glass or a few bottles. That is why we were so incredibly surprised to find out about the roaring wine scene down in Plett culminating in their very own Plett Wine Route. Kay and Monty is one of our favourite wine farms and they have a gorgeous view with delicious tapas styled dishes to boot.

Kay and Monty

The Best Outdoors

Bramon Wine Estate

How does sitting in and amongst grape vines, eating delicious plates of food while sipping on a glass of bubbly MCC sound? If that is your dream day out then be sure to head off to Bramon Wine Estate for a day or night to remember.

bramon wine estate

The Best Steak

Nguni Restaurant

If you are a meat lover and can think of no better meal than a juicy fillet steak then Nguni Restaurant is right up your alley. Nicely situated in the heart of Plett is where you will find the perfect place to give in to your meat cravings and give you a wonderful taste of traditional South African cuisine.


Off The Beaten Path

The Lemongrass

A scenic ten minute drive  from Plett through winding roads and lush ravines will take you to the most beautifully situated restaurant overlooking the Keurbooms Canal. Lemongrass is a great find and the popularity of this establishment speaks for itself as the food and service along with the view are top notch.


The Most Romantic

Emily Moon

For the most gorgeous setting, candle lit tables and open-air fires – you can’t get much more romantic than Emily Moon. What is even more great about this restaurant is that they have service and food to match the stunning ambience. If you don’t want to leave (we didn’t want to) then you don’t have to! Stay overnight at the beautiful lodge and turn the night into a two-day affair.

Emily Moon.jpg

Well, that’s it, everyone! There are many other awesome establishments in Plett but these 10 sure are our favourites, where we find ourselves returning again and again. We hope you find your way down to the beautiful area of Plettenberg Bay and that this guide helps you to decide where to eat!



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