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If you had to ask anyone if I was a bookworm the answer would undoubtedly be a big, fat YES! I love to read, all different types of books ranging from autobiographies and history to fantasy and thrillers – I get lost in a book and find it very difficult to find my way out of them (especially when I have a 5am wake up for work and I am still reading at 2am).

Darren on the other hand, not so much. Although he does try – still hasn’t finished the book we bought together two years ago but hey, it is a start! It is not that he doesn’t like to read it is just that he would rather read other content such as technology, engineering and motoring articles – which you can find books on but with Google at your fingertips it is way more easier to use your phone or tablet.

My best thing to do before I pack my bags for a trip is to find a good book to take along with me. I can honestly spend hours in a bookstore, browsing the shelves and taking deep breaths of the smell of a bookstore (I hope I am not the only one with a bookstore smell fetish!) But there really is nothing like immersing yourself into a 600 page book to make a 10 hour flight go by. That is why I decided to set up this part of the blog to give all of you some reading inspiration.

I will post some book reviews of books that I have already read in the past along with all the new ones I get to read in the future, there is always something new to read that takes you to new and wonderful places while sitting still.

I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book

– J.K. Rowling

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